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Copper-oxide superconductors


The copper oxide family of superconductors is the only materials family we know that can superconduct above liquid Nitrogen temperatures under ambient conditions. These materials have fascinated and baffled physicists for over two decades since their discovery in 1986.  

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Iron-based superconductors


The incredible phenomenon of superconductivity – electrical conduction without resistance – was discovered more than a century ago. Yet until recently, the copper oxides, and magnesium diboride were the only known families of materials with superconducting temperatures close to accessible liquid Nitrogen temperatures.

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Heavy electron systems


In certain intriguing families of complex materials, unexpected physics arises due to the interplay of localised f-electrons, and itinerant d-electrons. Subtle changes in the balance of interactions can tip the ground state between dramatically different phases.

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Quantum magnets


Magnets comprising interesting arrangements of electrons with a quantum spin of ½ often realise fascinating and exotic ground states. Importantly, unlike most of their counterparts with conducting electrons, insulating quantum magnets often correspond precisely with a model Hamiltonian, thus enabling the unique experimental identification of new and interesting ground states.

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