Transformation by a magnetic field


The magnetic ground state of CeIn3 was long thought of to comprise localized f-electrons largely decoupled from the conduction electron sea.

Our quantum oscillation results in high magnetic fields revealed very heavy Fermi surface pockets coexisting with light conduction election Fermi surface pockets. Our measurements further uncovered a rapid enhancement in the mass of the newly revealed heavy pockets with increasing magnetic field. A magnetic-field tuned quantum critical point of novel character and associated with a Fermi surface transformation is found to occur within the antiferromagnetic phase.

  • Fermi surface of CeIn3 above the Néel critical field
    Physical Review Letters 99, 056401 (2007)
    Harrison, S. E. Sebastian, C. H. Mielke, A. Paris, M. J. Gordon, C. A. Swenson, D. G. Rickel, M. D. Pacheco, P. F. Ruminer, J. B. Schillig, J. R. Sims, A. H. Lacerda, M. T. Suzuki, H. Harima, T. Ebihara


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